The reason 94.9% of Punters Fail, Are you guilty of this…..

Do you know the reason why the majority of punters fail to make any money from betting? Even when they have profitable tipsters at their disposal? Unfortunately most punters want a continuous run of profit, they want the profit line to be on an upward curve at all times. They want winners and they want them now.​​​​​​​The truth is, this just doesn’t happen, but what many people fail to see is that the finish line is exactly the same.

Let me explain…..Look at this graph from ‘One Bet Racing’


The green line is the actual monthly P+L the service has produced since it started (Fully proofed and verified)The red line is the average from start to finish
As you can see, they both started at the same point and they both ended at the same point, so why is it that members will not see it through from start to finish on the green line, but if it was the red line they would stay members and be happy with the returns? strange Huh!
90% of punters would have bailed out half way through because there were 2 bad months

Here is another example from our VIP service


Again, a very steep upward ‘red line’. If I showed you this line 12 months ago and said, this is what profit you will make in the next 12 months you would have bitten my hand off!!Yet so many people have bailed out of the VIP service because of 2 or 3 slow months!The service goes a month or 2 without profit and they cancel and move on to the next service**THESE ARE THE PUNTERS THAT NEVER MAKE ANY MONEY!!!So what type of punter are you? and has this opened your eyes to what is possible from betting if you have discipline?As the founder and director of Betinfo24, my main aim is to provide my members with a portfolio of profitable tipsters. We have set up a network of tipsters that are all proven to make profits. We have also built a dedicated members area where you can access all of your tipsters in one convenient place

So if you want pull away from the 94.9% of punters that lose then choose your tipsters here, be disciplined and reap the rewards