I’m sure even the most seasoned gambler has asked themselves once or twice, how do I become a better gambler? While most casinos are currently closed once more for lockdown, the online casino and gambling world is being taken by storm. More and more people have turned to online gambling during lockdown, whether to take up some of their spare time, or to try and win some extra cash. Either way, we have compiled a list of some tips and tricks for you to use to make yourself a better gambler.

Things to consider

The first tip for becoming a better gambler, is to find what you enjoy or find interesting. Is your interest being drawn toward poker and Blackjack, or are you simply more of a slot machine person? Do you enjoy the buzz of a bingo hall? These are all factors that must be considered when venturing into the colourful world of gambling. While getting your teeth into whichever you have chosen, it is essential that you learn how each game works. Learn the rules and how they work. Being patient and taking your time will allow you to reach the goal of winning in no time.

In it to win it

It is in the name really; you must be in it to win it. Taking the jump into playing online can be scary for some people but remaining positive is key. After all, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. That much is true if you are playing on the free-to-play games that a lot of online casinos provide their users. You are not putting any money in and are probably getting a pretty penny back. If you are sceptical about putting money in and losing straight away, practicing on the free-to-play machines before moving on, is a great way of getting into the rhythm of things. The main take from this tip, is that practice makes perfect.

So, where is best to practice?

If you are keen to practice on some of the free-to-play games – as well as to bank on the free spins that most online casinos dish out – it is best to do some research first. Look for the big, popular online casinos. Those are the ones offering a decent variety of games, and a really good sign-on bonus. Practicing on the free games allows you to manage your gambling strategy to see if it is useful and will pay off in the end. The whole reason that online casinos implement free-to-play games is so their users can practice, without costing them lots of money in the long-run.

Sunvegas is one of the giants of the gambling world here in the UK. Providing their users with variety, players can expect to see two times the number of games that competitors have. Not bad. While the website does not offer free spins on sign-up like some of its counterparts, it does offer something greater; £300 free deposit to use on their site. Something like that could get some serious profit. If you are searching for card and table games, slot machines and live table games, this is the place for you! Find out a bit more about Sun Vegas and get spinning with your free £300!

888 is another popular online casino, winning awards in 2019 for Best Casino Operator. Another company which prides itself on its vast selection of games, visitors can expect to see something for them here. An online casino with a level of brand consistency, the sign-on bonus is not as large as that given by Sun Vegas but represents 888 well; new users signing-up can get £88 free to use on the site. Like most online casinos, 888 has an easy-to-navigate site, separating the live games from the slots, card and table games. Sun Vegas and 888 are both some of the online casinos which provide their users with an excellent cash-out timeframe; players who have won and have cashed out their winnings, will receive the winnings in their bank accounts within 1-3 days.

Monitor your play

Another tip which seems obvious but is a detail that can be missed when on a winning streak. Make sure you are keeping track of your wins and losses. This is very important to ensure you do not get too ahead of yourself, and to ensure that you are not losing masses of money and putting yourself at financial risk. Ensuring that you are playing responsibly is very important and walking away from the table at the right moment is essential to being a successful gambler on and offline. If you or someone you know are struggling with a gambling habit, and would like access to support and resources, contact an organisation such as Gamble Aware. They can provide you with the tools that you need to be a responsible gambler.