Horse racing is a sport that offers punters the chance to win big money for relatively small stakes, and there are a variety of bets that you can place to win big amounts of cash. In this article, we’ll discuss the type of bets that could make you rich quickly for small outlays and pick our most profitable bet in horse racing.

The Accumulator

An accumulator is a bet that many ‘hoping to get rich quick’ punters place each week on horse racing. A few lucky punters have even won seven-figure sums for outlays of as little as £1, but there are also millions of punters that chase this same dream that will never realise it.

You can place win or each-way accumulators on four horses or more and, if your selections are available at big odds, you stand to win a lot of money if they all win.

For example, if you have a £1 accumulator on four horses that are all 10/1, you’ll pocket a tasty £14,641. A £1 accumulator on five horses at 10/1 pays £161,051, while if you can pick six winners at 10/1 to a £1 stake, you’ll collect £1,771,561. Just remember to check the maximum payout of the bookies you bet with, as these can vary greatly.

Of course, it’s not easy to pick six winners at any odds, but you can’t argue that the accumulator makes a good case for being the most profitable horse racing bet.

The Jackpot

The Tote provides a variety of bets that offer punters the chance to win big money by betting on horse racing, and one of the most popular is the Jackpot Bet. For a £2 stake, you can try and pick all six winners at the chosen jackpot meeting of the day. But the jackpot bet gets really interesting when it’s not won, as the pot rolls over to the next meetings and so on and so on.

That was the case for Steve Whiteley in 2011, when the then 60-year-old landed a life-changing jackpot win of £1,445,671.71, the largest Jackpot dividend paid out by the Tote.

Steve’s selections were inspirational. His first selection may only have been 2/1, but his other selections included two 12/1 winners and two 16/1 shots.

What you need to know about Jackpot bets is they are pools bets, which means all the bets go into a pool. If you’ve picked the same selections as some other punters, you’ll have to share the jackpot dividend with them all. However, you could be just as lucky as Mr. Whiteley, who’ll happily tell you that the most profitable horse racing bet is the Tote Jackpot.

The Scoop 6

The Scoop 6 is another popular big-money bet from the Tote that offers punters the chance to win potentially millions of pounds.

The Scoop 6 is a £2 pool bet, and you must try and pick the winners of six of the toughest races on a Saturday or at some of the big horse racing festivals.

Picking all six winners will win you the Scoop six outright if you’re the only player with those selections, or the pool will be split between all winning ticket holders. Winners also get the chance to win a bonus by picking the winner of a bonus race on the next Scoop 6 day. There’s also a place pool, which pays out a share to all players whose six selections all place in the races.

Just like the Jackpot bet, the Scoop 6 will rollover after any week it’s not won, creating opportunities for people to win life-changing sums of money. The Scoop 6 has been won by pin-sticker housewives and professional syndicates, all of whom will tell you that the most profitable horse racing bet is the Scoop 6. One syndicate pocketed £3,184,369 at the 2019 Cheltenham Festival.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets allow you to combine various numbers of horses into bets that pay a variety of singles, doubles, trebles, and accumulators. Many punters prefer these too straight-up accumulators, as they will still pay a decent dividend if many, but not all, of your horses win.

The most popular multiple bets in horse racing include Yankees and Lucky 15’s. These require you to pick four horses. Yankees consist of doubles, trebles, and an accumulator, while Lucky 15s are a Yankee + four singles. Both bets give you a chance to win big money for a small stake. However, you’ll need to pick four horses at very big odds or place big stakes if you want to win the sort of money you can win some of the other most profitable bets in horse racing.

But horse racing multiples aren’t limited to just four horses. Perm five horses in either a Lucky 31, Super Yankee, or Canadian. Perm six horses in either a Heinz or Lucky 63. If you’re thinking even bigger… perms seven horses in a Super Heinz, or eight in a Goliath. You never know, these could be your most profitable bet in horse racing.

What is the Most Profitable Bet in Horse Racing?

The most profitable bet in horse racing is the one that makes you the most money, whether that’s a multiple bet or one of the Tote pool bets. But the biggest wins in horse racing have been won with accumulators, so they get our vote as the most profitable bet in horse racing.

Yet for every punter that has landed that seven-figure windfall, there are more than a million punters that haven’t. Perhaps that’s why professional horse racing punters concentrate mainly on picking singles, preferring to make a steady long-term profit from careful analysis and a selective staking plan.

If you want to try and get rich quickly, there are plenty of opportunities, providing you can pick lots of winners at big odds on the same day. But if you’re looking to make a long-term profit from horse racing, maybe it’s time to get serious and follow the advice of the professionals.